The most common questions prospective members might have.

How much are the dues? What do I get for my money?

We only ask $25.00/year to cover our expenses and pancakes.  This gives you 10 pancakes breakfasts per year and access to our scheduling tool.

What is the cost of the aircraft?

Each aircraft is independently owned.  Cost and requirements are specific to each aircraft.  Please notify individual owners about availability and cost.  However, for example, our most popular aircraft, the Cessna 152 has a hourly wet rate of $80.00 as long as you have a PPL.

Do you do training?

We have partnered with GLEIM AVIATION to provide books and will partner you with other like minded students to complete self-study in our educational pods.  Once ready for actual aircraft instructions, we have multiple individual instructors willing to train in a club sponsored aircraft.